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Use your doodle

Want to unlock your inner creative energy? The answer is as simple as a doodle. Research has shown that the simple act of letting your brain wander while doodling can actually improve your focus, help you retain valuable information, solve problems and change the way you look at simple or complex challenges. And the best part is, Read More Read More


The art of the fold

When starting a project, most designers focus on paper, colors, photography and fonts. What they don’t always take into account is the fold… Read More


Are you ready for some football?

With the football season kicking off last night, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than learning some new facts about the game itself. Some facts may surprise you, while others are meant just to entertain. For instance, did you know that hypothetically, if every NFL game finished in a tie, the playoffs Read More Read More


Achieving harmony with color

Have you ever struggled with matching colors, whether decorating, designing or dressing? It happens to the best of us. Yes, even designers get caught up in the battle of color… Read More


Dance, dance revolution!

Today we’re celebrating International Dance Day since dance and/or any kind of motion are great creative stimulants for the brain! Read More


It’s easy being green!

From leprechauns to four-leaf clovers, the month of March comes with wonderful shades of—my favorite color—GREEN! A color that lends itself to thoughts of spring, nature and most importantly, the idea of being lucky. And who couldn’t use a little luck every now and then? With St. Patrick’s day just around the corner, whether you Read More Read More


What the world needs now…

(Is still) LOVE! At least that’s what the founders of say… Read More


Let’s start a resolution!

We know the drill, it’s the start of the new year and you’ve made a resolution that you fully intend to honor, right? RIGHT! We understand that the promise to get to the gym, resist that nagging sweet tooth and forgo reality TV may be a little harder than you originally thought… Read More


Secret Santa made easy!

Tis the season for everyone to come together and draw names for a company or family Secret Santa exchange. But, it’s often difficult to get everyone in one spot for this customary event, even harder to do it without drawing your own name! Read More


A month of gratitude

As we turn our calendars to November, we are filled with memories of family, friends, pumpkin pie… Read More